3 Steps to Become a CNA

Follow these steps and you will be on your way to reach your goal and become a CNA! So let us not waste any time but lets understand the benefits to becoming a nursing aide

Become a CNA in 4-8 Weeks!!

From the selection of your nursing assistant school to your quest to certification and to getting listed on your state nursing aide registry, we cover all the steps, in all 50 states! In 4-8 weeks depending on your program layout and if you are taking online portions of training. And the career growth is tremendous according to bls.gov!

Step 1 - Selecting Schools

Step 1 – School Selection

Be 18 years of age, have a high school diploma, pass a background check and test negative for hepatitis and tuberculosis you will be eligible for enrollment.

Verify Program Accreditation

When selecting a program, be sure to double check the accreditation status of the courses. This is easy to do online.

The (CCNE) Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education has a list of of programs and their accreditation status. This makes sure that you get an education that is up to par with the rest of the nursing world.

Online or Campus Training?

Check out our online guide for nursing aide training and see if an online education can fit your lifestyle and needs.

Step 2 - Pass License Exam

Step 2 – Pass Certification Test to Become a CNA

After finishing your CNA course, you then you have to take the certification examination. See our interactive map below for all necessary info and details about required working and education hours.

The National Nurse Aide Assessment test will be waiting for you. The NCSBN has tons of helpful information about the testing process. You can email them at nnaap_maceinfo@ncsbn.org for more detailed documentation and information. They are extremely helpful.

There is a fee that will be incurred when enrolling to take the test. This fee will be around a hundred dollars or so but varies by state. Your training course will also have information for you about all steps needed to become a certified CNA.

Step 3 - Get Listed on Registry

Step 3 – Nurse Aide Registry Listing

Each state has different regulations and guidelines for working Certified Nursing Assistants. See our map below to see your state’s requirements. Also, we provided the state registry contact information for you to get in touch with them so you can get listed easier.

Resources for Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

These guides below give you all the resources to become a Certified Nursing Assistant on your terms and at your pace!! Doe that not sound wonderful!!

Certified Nursing Aide Salary Guide
Certified Nursing Aide Jobs Guide
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Classes and Certification By State

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CNA Licensing Requirements and Info by State

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